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La versión 4.0 del ERP & CRM Dolibarr, ya está lista para su descarga. Viene cargada con muchas novedades que podrás ver en este artículo, donde se muestra el fichero ChangeLog original y en inglés, comparando esta nueva versión con la anterior, la versión 3.9 . Esperamos que esta nueva versión sea del agrado de toda la comunidad, y te invitamos a que nos reportes cualquier problema encontrado en el gestor de bugs oficial.

A continuación te mostramos todas las novedades y resolución de errores incluidas en Dolibarr 4.0, para ver por completo el fichero ChangeLog, haz click en leer más.

ChangeLog Dolibarr for 4.0 compared to 3.9

For users:

NEW: Add reccuring invoice feature and automatic generation of invoices.

NEW: Add module "Loan" as stable.

NEW: Add module "Supplier commercial proposal" (price request) is set to stable status.

NEW: Experimental module Accountancy Expert

NEW: Experimental module Multicurency

NEW: Show into badge on tab head the number of dedicated contacts for all objects.

NEW: Add a checkbox to select/unselect all lines on page that support mass actions (like invoice list page)

NEW: Add a new method for margin calculation. Added margin on "cost price" to margin on WAP price and margin on "best supplier price".

NEW: Add an explanation message on shipment page to explain you can't make shipment if order is not validated

NEW: Add date_rum into table of thirdparty bank account.

NEW: The probability of lead/opportunity can be defined per lead.

NEW: Added Malta VAT into migration script

NEW: #4972 Translated Charges sociales (type 0) and Charges sociales (type 1) in reports page

NEW: Add Expense report into accountancy report

NEW: Add Expense report to approve into workboard 

NEW: Selection of boxes is move on top of home page

NEW: Add filter on a keyword, status and nature into list of modules

NEW: Add hidden option BANK_DISABLE_CHECK_DEPOSIT to disable check deposit feature.


NEW: add html id/class to locate value in the DOM html

NEW: Add index on invoice status 

NEW: Add constant MAIN_LOGTOHTML to 0 into other setup by default to save time when we need to make debug on hosted instance.

NEW: Add list of billed

NEW: Add minimum stock and desired stock into import/export profiles. 

NEW: Add state into thirdparty export fields

NEW: Add more trackable events (create, submit and receive supplier order).


NEW: Add picto on module list to show warning and if module is an external module

NEW: add product type filter on turnover report

NEW: Add state into list of fields available for personalized fields of thirdparties

NEW: Add statistics for interventions module

NEW: Add statistics on number of projets on home page

NEW: Add stats and late records into dashboard for supplier proposals.

NEW: Add the admin info on combo of type of contact

NEW: Add the event BILL_PAYED to list of supported events for module notification.

NEW: Add total weight and volume on PDF 

NEW: Add hidden option to hide column qty ordered on shipments.

NEW: Add view of virtual stock into product list (when appropriate)

NEW: Add warning on tasks when they are late (add also the warning tolerance parameter)

NEW: Add weight/volume for one product into shipment export

NEW: Add width and height on product card

NEW: allow a document to be linked to project from another customer on config

NEW: allow project to be shared across entities (for multicompany module)

NEW: All variant of ckeditor config can be tested into the setup page of module.

NEW: Can change dynamically number of records visible into lists.

NEW: Can change type of extrafields for some combinations.

NEW: Can define number of first and last line into import wizard.

NEW: Can edit next execution date of a cron job.

NEW: Can edit value date of a vat payment after recording it.

NEW: Can filter modules on publisher

NEW: Can filter on employee status when building emailing from users

NEW: Can reopen an closed shipment

NEW: Can search on shipments into the quick search box

NEW: Can select dynamicaly number of lines to show on page on product, shipment, contact, orders, thirdparties 

NEW: Can select fields to show on supplier orders list.

NEW: Can select fields to show on list also for list of customer orders, shipments and invoices.

NEW: Can select fields to show on proposal lists.

NEW: Can select language from combo list on page to overwrite a translation

NEW: Can select number of lines on page list for projects and tasks.

NEW: Can use ^ and $ (to say start with or end with like regex syntax) into search fields when search field is text. Bonus: ^$ can filter all lines with field not defined.

NEW: Clean and enhance code for cron engine

NEW: Can decrease stock on shipment closing/classifying (only if module lot is not enabled for the moment)

NEW: Disabled users are striked.

NEW: Enhance navigation of project module

NEW: fichinter lines ordered by rang AND DATE

NEW: hidden conf to use input file multiple from mail form

NEW: hidden feature: SUPPLIERORDER_WITH_NOPRICEDEFINED allow supplier order even if no supplier price defined

NEW: Hidden option MAIN_LANDING_PAGE to choose the first page to show after login works as a "global" option (llx_const) and as a "per user" option (llx_user_param).

NEW: Holiday is a now a RH module. All RH module provides by default visilibity on users of its hierarchy.

NEW: If error is reported during migration process, you can ignore it to avoid to be locked.

NEW: if nb total of lines provided in print barre_liste, display in title

NEW: If option to see non stable modules is on, add a filter into module list to filter on level (deprecated, experimental, development)

NEW: Include number of linked files into badge counter of "Linked files" tab.

NEW: Include sales representative into export of thirdparties

NEW: Indicator on workboard are red/green if late or not.

NEW: Into GED module, filename is truncated only if there is not enough space into table

NEW: Introduce a predefined job to run database backup

NEW: Introduce option MAIN_WEIGHT_DEFAULT_UNIT and MAIN_VOLUME_DEFAULT_UNIT to force output unit for weight and volume.

NEW: Introduce position of records into dictionnary of type of contacts

NEW: Link on user in leave context reach to leave tab.

NEW: List of user in agenda view per user show photo thumb

NEW: Margins module - Check/update buying price on invoice lines

NEW: Merge all admin tools (system and module amin tools) into same entry "Admin tools", so now things are clear: All features restricted to an admin user is inside "setup" (for setup) or "admin tools" (for action tools) instead of 3 different entries.

NEW: Merge all boxes "related objects" into one. This save a lot of room on most card and avoid often horizontal scoll.

NEW: Moved code that deals with bank categories to BankCateg. Created BankCateg::fetchAll function

NEW: Move Expense report menu from module to menu files

NEW: Move HRM dictionary from module to core dictionaries

NEW: Mutualize code to manage email substitution variables. Show available variables into page to edit email templates.

NEW: Mutualize code: Use one call of function "addThumbs", when possible, to generate thumbs files instead of several call of "vignette" function.

NEW: On translation admin page, admin can overwrite a translation value.

NEW: Option MAIN_LIST_FILTER_ON_DAY is supported on proposal list

NEW: Add reputation field for price supplier

NEW: Rest API token is no more reset at each call. We can reset it with param reset=1 on login call.

NEW: Selection of fields is available on member list.

NEW: Show a badge with number of withdraw requests done on the withdraw tab of invoice.

NEW: Add option to show detail per warehouse into reassort

NEW: Show total number of modules into the module list

NEW: Survey system has now a status like other objects. You can close or reopen a survey.

NEW: The note on time spent can be entered when using the view per day.

NEW: Use ellipsis truncation on too large left menu text

NEW: When a new field to show into lists is selected, the form is automatically submited and field added.

NEW: When creating a template invoice from a draft invoice, if there is link to contract on draft invoice, link is kept on template invoice.

NEW: When emailing is not sent completely, show progression.

For developers:

NEW: Add a css class style called 'reposition', so when clicking on a link with this class will move scrollbarr to be placed at same page location.

NEW: TimeZone can be supplied to mktime

NEW: hook in shipment card

NEW: Deprecated Societe::set_prospect_level, Societe::set_commnucation_level, Societe::set_OutstandingBill functions

NEW: A module can add, into its import profiles, a sql request to execute at end of import. This allow to update dernormalized data after import.

NEW: Add hook pdf_build_address 

NEW: Add a parameter on graph function to show a generic graph when no data are available.

NEW: Add $object in parameter of pdf_build_address so we could include hook into the function.

NEW: Add a tool for developers to purge database with no loose of setup

NEW: Can disable a module by renaming dir of module into module.disabled (this save time for maintenance when working with FTP).

NEW: Created AccountLine::insert function and started using it for transaction creation

NEW: Created Account::__toString, Account::getFieldsToShow and Account::getAccountNumberOrder to refactor the way account number was shown

NEW: Created FormBank::getIBANLabel function to get the label of "IBAN" depending on bank account country

NEW: prepare for additional warehouse statuses

NEW: project sharing in select_projetcs_list function

NEW: Removed deprecated CommonObject::client property. Please use CommonObject::thirdparty instead

NEW: Removed unused FormOrder::selectSourcesCommande function

NEW: Renamed ActionComm::add function to ActionComm::create

NEW: Rename Form::select_date to Form::selectDate and Form::form_date to Form::formDate

NEW: Rename path for generiN

NEW: More phpunit tests. Include some REST API into automatic tests.


Dolibarr 4.0 should be compatible with PHP 7 but more feedbacks are still expected to confirm that. 

Following changes may create regression for some external modules, but were necessary to make
Dolibarr better
- Function log() of class CommandeFournisseur has been removed. Using it is no more required.
- Class Resource was renamed into DolResource to avoid conflict with a reserved PHP word.
- Method commonobject->add_thumb() has been renamed into commonobject->addThumbs().
- Method select_type_comptes_financiers() has been renamed into selectTypeOfBankAccount() 
- Property ->client that was deprecated 6 years ago, is replaced in all core code with ->thirdparty.
- File '/core/tpl/document_actions_pre_headers.tpl.php' were renamed into '/core/'.
So if you included it into your module, change your code like this to be compatible with all version:
  $res=@include_once DOL_DOCUMENT_ROOT . '/core/';
  if (! $res) include_once DOL_DOCUMENT_ROOT . '/core/tpl/document_actions_pre_headers.tpl.php';

Advertencia: MySQL La versión mínima es ahora 5.0.3. Además, no tratar de hacer la actualización de Dolibarr si está ejecutando MySQL 5.5.40. MySQL versión 5.5.40: tiene un error muy crítico por lo que sus datos se perderán definitivamente. También puede experimentar problemas con MySQL 5.5.41 / 42/43 con el error "Se perdió la conexión" durante la migración.

Si lo que deseas es ir a la zona de descargas y desargar esta nueva versión puedes hacerlo a continuación.

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